It is always difficult to bay a special gift  for a man, that is way Woesmooi was launched in 2015.

Woesmooi started of as a factory making vintage signs for mancaves. From the start

there was interest and  the demand for man gifts was growing. In 2017 we opened

Our first permanent exabition shop in Woodlands Pretoria, and in 2017 we started selling on line

and in 2018 we opened our second exabition shop in Pretoria. Here we have a broad range of man gifts for your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or just for a friend samples of what we manufacture and sell is products like vintage steel signs, vintage lollypop lights leather rugby balls arcade consoles and t shirts.

These products are perfect for his mancave, bar or office.

 In 2017 we decided to cater for the ladies also with leather products like leather handbags, traveling bags, laptop bags and leather aprons.

What makes woesmooi special is that we manufacture most of our products in hour factory in Pretoria.

It is from here where we ship our products all over South Africa.